• Passion Fruit & Mango Cheesecake – 8
    A tropical style cheesecake combining the sweetness of mangos and the tartness of passion fruit with clouds of whipped cream

  • Snicker’s Explosion – 13
    Layers of chocolate cake, Snickers & Reese’s ice cream blended with butterfingers

  • Key Lime Pie – 7
    A Florida staple topped with whipped cream, raspberry, and key lime sauce

  • Applecrisp – 7
    Baked apples and sweet crumb topping. Served warm with vanilla ice cream

  • Home Made Lava Cake – 8
    Chocolate cake with a warm center and topped with a french vanilla ice cream

  • Ice Cream – 4.50
    Choose between chocolate or french vanilla

  • Top Any Dessert with Ice Cream – 2
    Chocolate or french vanilla